Purple Hall

Интерьер зала на 100 человек выдержан в строгих лиловых тонах, настраивающих на рабочий лад. Здесь также есть проектор с экраном, звукоусиливающее оборудование, сцена и танцпол. Есть отдельный выход на улицу.

Purple Hall

Purple Hall

The capacity of the hall is 100 people.

The purple hall is designed in strict purple tones, setting up a working mood. There is also a projector with a screen, sound-amplifying equipment, a stage and a dance floor. Due to the fact that the hall is located on the ground floor, it has a separate exit to the street. This is very convenient if you need to ensure the privacy of the meeting.

The cost of renting a hall

for less than 5 hours: 50,000 rubles.

more than 5 hours: 5000 rubles.

To order a Purple Hall rental, call 8 (423) 293-11-33, 8 (423) 238-58-59 or send us a Request via the form below.

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