1-6 peoples

3000 ₽ hour

+1 people
 300 ₽ hour

24 hours

8 (423) 238-58-62

A real Finnish sauna is the pride of our hotel. What do you usually expect from visiting a sauna? Have a good time, relax and improve your health? But this is the minimum of expectations. I want the atmosphere to be pleasing to the eye, to fit all my friends and have something to do between trips to the steam room. Our sauna is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • The sauna is equipped with modern, professional equipment that provides, among other things, the right temperature and humidity.
  • Guests will be able to easily adjust, choose the desired indoor climate of the room.
  • Individual bath accessories are provided.

Becoming our client, you immediately fall into the caring hands of our staff. Usually, when people come to the sauna, they want to relax, forget about the problems of their daily life for a while, and our employees understand this very well. Therefore, everything here sets you up for a relaxed, even lazy pastime.

Cozy elegant interiors in a classic style with Baroque elements, two rest rooms with luxurious furniture and a real American billiards, an elegant dining room for twenty people, where it is pleasant to relax with a small composition, and it will be convenient for a large company. And by the way, the menu and service are here from eleven o'clock in the morning until midnight as in a real restaurant.

For music lovers, we have karaoke, and if you prefer to keep up to date with world news on vacation, satellite TV with a variety of channels for every taste is at your service.

We recommend to the guests a swimming pool equipped with a geyser. Unforgettable, amazing sensations! You won't regret trying it.

An hour in the sauna costs 3000 rubles for a group of up to 6 people. For a larger company, only 300 rubles per person. We work around the clock, on weekdays and holidays. So now you know where to spend both an unexpected weekend and a long-awaited meeting.

To clarify all the details, call around the clock by phone: 8 (423) 238-58-62.

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